Why we can never have a real solution in Gun Violence in the USA

Individuals views about firearms are very close to religious fanaticism. A devout belief in a specific action, regardless of facts and scientific study, prohibit the USA from implementing sound actions to curb gun violence. There were 480,940 victims of a crime committed with a firearm in 2016; gun violence (or violence committed with guns) is a real threat to America, yet we cannot take smart action to protect ourselfs due to religious zeal blinding people from truth.

Pro-gun religious fanatics: These people take any regulation labeled as gun control an attack on their rights. Often the phrase “slippery slope” is used to justify opposing any firearm regulation. Most of the pro-gun folks believe the Second Amendment guarantees their right to not only own firearms but carry firearms freely throughout the county. Most pro-gunners will stop listening to conversations from anti-gunners because the anti-gunners sound very ignorant regarding firearms. Pro-gunners don’t want access to military weapons but do want to be able to own the same types of firearms civilian police can own (standard capacity magazines, semi-auto firearms).

Anti-gun religious fanatics: These folks will not consider any action to curb gun violence viable unless the action bans certain types of firearms. These people get very screechy in public venues and believe firearms are the root cause of shooting deaths. Unless you offer a firearm to ban, this cult will not consider your proposal. Most of these folks think certain types of firearms (ArmaLite 15) are too efficient at killing for civilians to own. A common argument from anti-gunners is that constitutional rights only cover technology available at the drafting of the constitution. Modern firearms, internet communication, and phone conversations are not protected from government control under the constitution as these technologies did not exist at the time the document was written.

To stop the killing of innocents with firearms, we need to have a non-bias conversation about the issue.

Pro-gun cultists need to come to the table with two understandings: 1. Be open minded to protecting Americans; 2. There are some justifications to limit some Constitutional rights.

Anti-gunners need to come to the table with two understandings: 1. Maybe banning guns isn’t the answer; 2. Most anti-gunners are very ignorant about firearms and sound very silly when trying to describe them.

Here is an idea: Launch a root-cause investigation into the last five mass shootings. The root cause team should include violence scholars, firearms experts, and child experts. After the conclusion of the root cause investigations, a common cause investigation should be completed for the same five shootings. Without bias and a religious pro/anti-gun viewpoint, these investigations should point us in the way we need to head to curb gun violence.

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  1. Very logical. We do need to come to the table and talk. We have fear running this discussion by both sides.

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