Oregon initiative would require sixth graders study firearms safety

Gun rights advocates have a filed an initiative petition that would mandate a firearms safety instruction class in the sixth grade at Oregon public schools.

Initiative Petition 6 was filed Wednesday, July 11, by Ston McDaniel of Prineville and Jerrad Robison of Redmond for the Nov. 3, 2020, statewide general election ballot.

“In spite of the efforts of some extremist groups to simply ban firearms, rational people recognize that firearms will continue to exist irrespective of any law,” Starrett wrote in an email to the Pamplin/EO Capital Bureau. “Rather than fostering ignorance and fear, we hope to provide knowledge and promote safety.”

Schools would be required to provide a firearms instructor certified by law enforcement or a national or state firearms instruction certification organization to teach the class.

The curriculum would cover how to respond to an unsecured firearm, how to safely secure a firearm if an adult is absent, safe muzzle direction, avoiding touching a trigger and semi-automatic weapon function “to demonstrate that removing … the magazine does not mean the firearm is unloaded.”

The initiative also bans any material encouraging or discouraging firearms possession or purchase and any live ammunition during the class.