My Glock 45 Review… Well not really

I bought a new Glock 45 and spent some time carrying and shooting the new 9mm; and I was going to write a review. While typing a drone-on paragraph about reduced slide mass, I thought, who cares.

I started this blog site because I though my opinion may matter to someone and I had the knowledge and experience to have a valid judgement. There are more folks out there with better firearms experience then me who write better gun reviews. So, what am I really trying to produce with this blog…

This site wasn’t created to make money (I don’t run advertisements), instead I wanted to get information out that I believe is accurate and may spark understanding or at least debate on topics I care about. I still am in awe with firearms, I love the mechanics of action and accuracy and I think ability to make things happen at a distance is fascinating; however, I don’t have the interesting experience that other writers may have related to firearms to justify having a blog dedicated to them. I have carried firearms for duty and off-duty for many years, I been in shootings, I have entered shooting competitions. I have never published a gun book, been asked to speak, or won a large shooting competition; I am a regular gun guy.

Opinions are are formed through fact checking and filtered through perspective. Let me introduce you to my prospective and perhaps I can convince you my opinions have some merit: I am a family man from California, I have served in the US Navy as an enlisted electronics tech., I have a degree in criminology, I have studied law and software engineering, and I currently work in law enforcement. My fact checking is done though library access through Arizona State University (Go Devils!) and interviewing folks to know more than I. My perspective is formed from my diverse experience and education.

I plan on changing the focus of this blog. As you may see, I haven’t posted in a long while as I struggled to write a firearms-related post that would have merit on its own. I plan on posting about a variety of topics that I care and have an opinion about. I sincerely hope the topics I may write about find an audience that gains value from the information. I still promise to only provide an opinion which I believe it true, based on facts, and I will stand behind. I am not afraid to admit if I am wrong and I continue to encourage people write me or leave their own post on my blog.

If this blog site provides some useful information or sparks a debate I will be more than delighted; however, my new intent is on publishing my opinion on topics that I think matter.

Best regards,

The Firearms Nerd

P.S. My (abbreviated) Glock 45 review:

The new 9mm from Glock handles great, love the Gen 5 changes. The gun fits without issue in a Glock 17 holster. I appreciate the shorter slide, but once you put a light on the firearm (and its 2018, all firearms should have lights) the shorter slide doesn’t matter much to the user. Get a Gen 5 Glock, but the 17 or 45 will just about be the same once you get it ready for duty use.