Explaining to teenagers the difference between left and right

Part of parenting is explaining things to your kids. With all the current political talk and elections; my kids needed some clarification on left vs right politics. I tried my best to explain it to them in the most honest and non-bias way possible.

Basic Principles:

Left: Power for “the people”; the Constitution is old document that needs to be interpreted based on today’s understandings and beliefs.

Right: Power for “the individual”; the Constitution is concrete and can only be amended legally, it is a legal document that needs to be literally followed based on the context when it was written.


Left: Preach identity politics; everyone needs to belong to a victim group unless you are a white heterosexual male. Your victim group is oppressed and everyone must change to assist you and your situation.

Right: Preach fear politics; everyone (especially the left) is trying to take away your rights and freedoms. You need to stand-up for your rights or you will lose them.


Left: Very violent people, will use force and violence to prove the right is oppressing victim groups. The extreme of left is Nazi socialism and Antifa.

Right: Very passionate people, will argue for hours to prove capitalism is the answer. The extreme of right is anarchy and the Tea Party.