When is it time to invoke the 2nd Amendment?

Our Second Amendment was written to secure our freedoms, to provide self-defense, and to keep the government in check. If the government were to stop representing the people we are, through the authority granted by the Second Amendment, supposed to take the government back. I was asked when we should invoke our Second Amendment obligations.

Taking up arms against the government is only a last resort, however just like in any self-defense situation we should have a pre-determined “line in the sand” where we make an immediate decision to act. Self-defense is reactionary, and we train to recognize threats and immediately act when needed, the same should be true when taking up defense against a tyrannical government.

We need to invoke our Second Amendment obligations when:

  • The government attempts to rescind our Second Amendment rights by confiscating all firearms from the common people. A massive gun-grab is one instant trigger to a needed violent response by the people.
  • The government attempts to take away representation by the people. If the government ceases to represent the people and acts without the people’s interest, it is time to take up arms and let the government know who is truly in charge.
  • If the government suppresses the people’s inherent freedoms of religion and/or free speech; it is time to take up arms and bring the county back.

Can you think of more triggers?